Miliyah Kato Fans Near Shibuya 109

These two 21-year-old Japanese girls carrying Ober Tashe shopping bags were photographed on the street near Shibuya 109. The girl on the left is wearing a beanie, a leather jacket, a Free’s Shop x Suzy’s Zoo t-shirt that says “Boof – He has a big red heart on his tummy”, denim shorts, black stockings, Dr. Martens boots, and an animal print purse. She told us her favorite fashion brands/shops are Free’s Shop and DazzliN’.

The girl on the right is wearing a black beret, a leather jacket, a flowery skirt from the Japanese brand ANAP, black stockings, and black boots. She said that some of her outfit came from Shibuya 109, and that two of her favorite brands are DazzliN’ and WC by Wakatsuki Chinatsu.

When we asked about music, both girls said that one of their favorite artists is Miliyah Kato. The girl on the right also likes M-Flo.

Leather Jacket Girls

Boof & Beanie

Shibuya Street Fashion

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  1. Raphael D.

    I would like to visit Japan to meet women who dress like this.

  2. Is that bear icon on the t-shirt popular in japan right now? I’ve seen it everywhere O.o;

  3. tokyo

    Yes! Suzy’s Zoo does seem to be everywhere lately. Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell the Suzy’s Zoo bears from the Care Bears bears. I guess any kind of cute bears with hearts on them are booming in Japan.

  4. jesika lin

    love the outfit on the left! ill have to rock the jean shorts + black tights + boots look when it finally gets to be spring here! and love the tee shirt and hat… i totally dress like this girl!

  5. they are both adoreable! the woman on the left: dr. martens + jeans shorts = LOVE
    and I love how you can actually see the pockets of her shorts =)