Milk Boy Suit & Vivienne Westwood Gloves

This cool Japanese guy is Junnyan. He’s wearing a bright plaid suit from Milk Boy over a green graphic t-shirt from W&LT. He’s carrying a dotted Hello Kitty bag from Sanrio and his purple leather gloves, which are decorated with red skulls, are from Vivienne Westwood.

Junnyan’s black platform shoes are from George Cox. A gold Star Wars hat over his blond and red hair completes his one-of-a-kind look.

We asked Junnyan about his taste in fashion and music. His favorite fashion brand is Galaxxxy and he likes the music of L’Arc n Ciel
Milk Boy Suit & Vivienne Westwood Gloves

Milk Boy suit & graphic t-shirt

Gold Star Wars hat

Sanrio Hello Kitty bag

Vivienne Westwood skull gloves

Milk Boy pants & George Cox shoes

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  1. This guy was in the original FRUiTS book!!!
    Holy sh*t, talk about OG! :)