Milk Dotted Dress, Strawberry Necklace & Tristan Blair Platform Shoes

This 20-year-old blonde girl is Izumi. She’s wearing a cute retro-style dotted dress with rick rack trim from Milk. She has several eye-catching accessories from Coffy and other shops, including a blue hair ribbon, a bead and chain necklace with a strawberry and a modern leather and chrome bracelet.

Izumi’s canvas bag from Rikko has a graphic image that looks like Karl Lagerfeld. Her two-tone suede platform shoes are from Tristan Blair.

When we asked Izumi about her favorite shops and brands and the answer was KTZ (kokon to zai) and Gerlan Jeans. She also said her favorite music is by A Simple Plan.
Blonde girl in Milk dotted dress

Milk dress & strawberry necklace

Rikko tote bag

Modern leather & chrome bracelet

Bead, chain & strawberry necklace

Tristan Blair suede platform shoes

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  1. Bananabear

    Cool dress. The necklace and shoes are a wreck

  2. The shoes are adorable! the blonde is super cute on her. (:

  3. I love the necklace! Very unique! And I don’t usually dig platform shoes but those are amazing! It all takes that pretty ordinary yet awesome dress to a whole other level! I’m also in awe of how light she got her hair ;D

  4. Bananabear, there is no comment on this website coming from you that doesn’t suck. why don’t you go troll elsewhere?
    yes it must be boring to sit in mom’s basement all the day…

  5. The dress is adorable especially in combination with the shoes.