Milklim Sweatshirt, Menhera-chan Backpack, Pajama Pants & Wings in Harajuku

Nukonuko is a kawaii fashion-loving girl – with blue and purple hair – who we often see around the streets of Harajuku. She works at a beauty salon.

Nukonuko’s look features an ice cream and bow covered pastel “Cotton Candy” sweatshirt from the Japanese fairy kei brand Milklim over a Milklim lace top, Milklim pajama pants, and pink canvas WEGO sneakers with wings and ribbon laces. Accessories include wing hair clips, round glasses, a pastel baby rattle necklace from Nile Perch, and a cute manga backpack by Menhera-chan x Park Harajuku.

Nukonuko is active on Twitter if you’d like to know more about her.

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