Minami (373) in Harajuku w/ Cute Spank Muffler & Ballet Slipper Purse

Here’s someone we are always happy to see – it’s Minami from Harajuku’s famous footwear shop Tokyo Bopper. Minami sometimes spells her name “373” (a wordplay on the Japanese pronunciation of the numbers). Besides being always-creative in her looks, Minami is super nice!

Minami is wearing a layered tulle top over a knit skirt, white stockings, cute duck-print over-the-knee socks, and Belly Button by Tokyo Bopper platform shoes. Accessories include a pretty headpiece, a cute muffler (with eyes) from Spank!, heart-cross earrings, a large vintage costume jewelry ring, a cute kitty-cat-with-a-bell ring, and her amazing purse handmade out of real ballet slippers from Barrack Room. In addition to all of the fashion items, Minami’s unique hair and makeup are key elements of her look.

Minami told us that her favorite brands include Tokyo Bopper and Barrack Room. If you’d like to see more pictures of her, or find out more about her fashion, you can follow Minami on Twitter.

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  1. Oh my! I need the bag, the cat ring, and the nails!

  2. Curious about the shoes, I went to Tokyo Bopper’s website and wow they are expensive, 364 USD

  3. I think the eye make-up kinda threw me off… but other than that, it’s really adorable!

  4. The ballet slipper bag is so adorable
    I rather like her make up, such a nice contrast