Mini Skirt, Leather Corset & Happi Coat

This cute girl in a black mini skirt and black leather corset is Miyahara, a 15-year-old high school student. Her outfit also includes a black happi coat, a black t-shirt with Japanese writing, seriously distressed black stockings and off-white rocking horse platform shoes with ribbon ties.

Miyahara’s accessories include two leather and metal wristbands, cool dark sunglasses, several studs in her ear and a small box with a red cross. She’s carrying a white fabric tote that’s decorated with a chiffon scarf and small teddy bear.

When we asked Miyahara where she likes to shop, the answer was used clothing and resale shops and Nadia. She also said her favorite music is by Shiina Ringo.
Mini Skirt, Leather Corset & Happi Coat

Japanese t-shirt & box with red cross in Harajuku

Fabric tote bag w/ scarf & teddy bear

Red cross box

Rocking horse platfrom shoes w/ ribbon ankle ties

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  1. wow! she is really pretty, i love her outfit and the fact that she likes shiina ringo ;3

  2. Those rocking horse are higher than normal ones! D:
    She is sooo not 15! She looks older!
    So cool~ *.*

  3. For a 15 year old she sure knows what she does and already has an amazing sense of style *.*

  4. I like her style, especially her shoes, but that isn’t a corset she’s wearing ^^.a real corset usually has steel boning and it always reduces the waist of the person wearing it…

  5. This is what i call stylish! combinations of black and white are just unbeatable! she rocks! rocking horse shoes for the win <3

  6. really like this outfit. especially the combination between modern and traditional style

  7. These shoes seem really popular never seen the white ones before ^^

  8. Wow, she is stunningly pretty. Would have loved a shot minus sunglasses.

  9. love the look she looks 18 r more skirt oozes class