Mini Skirted Sailor Girl with Pigtails

This is Hitomi, a 15-year-old junior high school student. Her sailor top, which she bought at a Takeshita Dori shop, reminds us of a Japanese school uniform. She’s also wearing a ruffled black mini skirt and very cute stockings dotted with hearts and topped with bows that she bought at Bunkaya Zakkaten. Her accessories from G2? include a silver bracelet and a spiked leather wristband.

Hitomi’s silver shoes are Dr. Martens. She’s carrying a Muji bag that’s decorated with teddy bear earmuffs and a teddy bear toy.

We asked Hitomi what her favorite music is these days and she said she likes the singer Shiina Ringo. Her favorite fashion venue is the ever-popular Nadia.

Mini Skirted Sailor Girl with Pigtails

Pigtails, glasses & sailor shirt

Muji bag with teddy bear earmuffs & toy

G2? bracelet & spiked wristband

Bunkaya Zakkaten stockings & Dr. Marten shoes

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  1. I applaud the effort but it’s all just a little too mismatched and incoherent for me. Love the bracelets and the docs. Would like to have seen either the skirt or the stockings better match the top.

  2. I want to like this, but she seems like she’s wearing two halves of separate outfits. :\ She should take one of the styles she’s going for and run with it instead of trying to mix the two…or find a more cohesive way to mix them.


  3. i agree..i think it’s the skirt, it’s really out of place.

  4. I agree, I was totally on board looking at the top half of the outfit, then I scrolled down and wondered whose legs those were!

  5. watashi was

    the coat is so out of place …everything is great but the coat or top watever it is ain’t Kawaiii

  6. dondondon


    As for her favorite music, she probably said Shiina Ringo

  7. Thanks dondondon – you’re right about Shiina Ringo, of course. Typo corrected! :-)

  8. the point of their fashion is to have it be mismatched and different i think it looks cool

  9. Schezerade

    i think she looks really awkward in a cool way…
    plus, those shoes are boss