Mods Coat Girl x Fuzzy Fedora in Harajuku

These two stylish Japanese high school students – the girl on the right is 16, the girl on the left 15 – were photographed in Harajuku. The girl on the right is wearing a furry white hat, a Moussy brand mods coat, a red plaid sheer shirt over a white tank top with some kind of print on it, a denim miniskirt, and black leather boots. She’s also carrying a Gucci bag and she told us her favorite fashion brand is Rodeo Clowns. Her friend is wearing a fuzzy fedora, a black coat with a hounds tooth scarf, a tiered & belted pink skirt, liquid leggings, and black patent buckle shoes. She’s also got a shiny black backpack and a dangling Pink Panther charm. She told us that some of her accessories were from the Japanese brand JSG, and that she likes listening to JPop music.

Harajuku Girls Fashion

Mods Coat & Fuzzy Hat

Fuzzy Fedora Hat

Harajuku Backpack x Pink Panther

Click any of the photos to see them in high res.

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  1. Love the green surplus jacket and checked red shirt…and I WANT her black boots!

  2. i wonder what material is the chick in the red n black plaid shirt is???