Monochrome Streetwear Style in Harajuku w/ Forever21 Statement T-Shirt, Studded Ankle Boots, Backpack & Keisuke Yoshida Pants

Billimayu is a 16-year-old student who is a familiar face in the Harajuku streetwear scene. Today, we came across him sporting a monochrome street style that captured our eye.

Sporting a teased hairstyle with his trademark thick brows, Billimayu is dressed in a white statement “Princess” t-shirt from Forever21, which he tucked into black side snap button closure pants from Keisuke Yoshida. He styled his ensemble with black studded leather ankle booties from Forever21, and is carrying a white backpack with crayon designs and fuzzy keychain from Forever21. He accessorized his cool ensemble with vintage accessories such as oversized sunglasses with a silver chain strap, a silver chunky chain necklace, layered black leather belts, a rhinestone studded cuff, and multiple cocktail rings.

Billimayu’s favorite fashion brand is Givenchy, and he likes the music of Big Bang. For more on Billimayu’s streetwear styles, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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