Monomania Bomber, Jeremy Scott x Adidas & World Wide Love in Harajuku

Mashi Mashi Jiroo is a friendly student who caught our eye on the street in Harajuku.

She’s wearing a 7Union “Sula” cap covering her twin braids hairstyle, a quilted Monomania graphic bomber jacket over an Adidas gold logo hoodie, leopard print shorts from Wold Wide Love, and tiger tail sneakers from the Jeremy Scott x Adidas collection. Her tote bag is by the Japanese brand HEM.

Mashi Mashi Jiroo is active on Twitter and Instagram if you’d like to know more about her life!

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  1. Mostly I like this outfit, the style is good and that adidas hoodie is awesome but I just can’t stand different patterns of animal prints, this is just my personal taste. As a whole she looks very cool.