Monomania, Spinns & Malko Malka vs. h.NAOTO

This stylish couple is a study in contrasts – she likes bright colors and graphic prints while he sticks with head-to-toe black.

The monochromatic guy on the right is 25-year-old Rui, who works in clothing sales. He’s wearing a long black sweater from H. Naoto Seven over skinny black pants from H. Naoto Blood. His tall platform boots are from a shop on Takeshita Dori. His leather satchel is from BPN.

The cute girl on the left with multi-colored hair and trendy large glasses is Uzura, who is also 25 and works in a souvenir store. Her colorful print tops are from Monomania and Spinns and her pink print pants are from Malko Malka.

Uzura is carrying a metallic print bag from Malko Malka. Her other accessories include a print cap and red bow on her jacket. Even her nail polish adds color and design to her outfit.

Rui told us his favorite fashions are by avant-garde designer H. Naoto. Uzura favors Malko Malka, Monomania and Galaxxxy. Both of them like listening to visual kei music.

Monomania & Malko Malka vs. H. Naoto & BPN

H. Naoto Seven long sweater

Streaked hair & shawl collar

BPM leather satchel

Platform boots with buckles

Tops from Monomania & Spinns

Multi-colored hair & large glasses

Print cap & glasses

Malko Malka metallic print bag

Malko Malka print pants

Red & blue nail polish

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Note: These street snaps were taken before the big earthquake that hit Japan on March 11, 2011. Things are slowly getting back to normal in Harajuku, so we’re working on getting caught up on our street snap postings. Please consider supporting the earthquake relief efforts through one of these organizations.

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  1. This is a very odd couple, the girls hair and bow tie are quite.

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! And they’re back! (^^)b Three cheers for street snaps being on the roll again.
    Great couple, I love how their styles are in such contrast with each other! Love the girl’s hair, and love his bag <3

  3. i love the girl’s hairstyle and colour.. and the guy’s lace-up boots too awesome

    take a look on the new hair trends – ombre hair and how it could be rocks in this summer

  4. uh, I love the guys style, its suits him very well…he is soooo handsome! (^з^)-☆Chu!!

  5. I love that they’re so contrasting! It’s refreshing to see people not sticking to a fashion clique.

    Both of them are charming in their own way. I love the girl’s hair, and her baggy, boyish yet loud style. She wears the diversity of colors really well.

    The boy wears the black outfit well. With is lean figure and great height, the monochrome outfit suits him well.

    I would love to see them switch styles for a day! ♥ It would be adorable.

  6. I love his outfit and bad and her pants *-* and may I say that this guy is quite hothothothot? xD

  7. Wow, I love the contrast!
    Her trousers are adorable, I want them plz.
    And I love his cardigan/coat, it looks brilliant :)

    Ah, they’re awesome :)

  8. Am I the only that thinks the guy looks soo ah-dorable! > w <

    Hes so handsome, i love how he rocks the black! The girl is cute too, very vibrant colors ^ ^

  9. wow loving the hair style …….kinda…. ok CREEPY but fasionable!!!

  10. I Know see why their dating, He Needs some life in him, and she needs to tone hdown hers, Perfect ^^

  11. love these too :DD
    the guy looks warm… :) i wanna steal his sweater