Monomania’s Yutty w/ Yaponskii Suit & Monomania Items in Harajuku

Yutty is a stylish 19 year old guy who works for the hip Japanese brand Monomania. His print suit and partly shaved hair caught our eye in Harajuku.

Yutty is wearing a Yaponskii suit over a black t-shirt, with silver shoes, a studded clutch, layered necklaces and rings. Everything he’s wearing is from Monomania.

He told us that his favorite music is Skrillex, and he gave us his Twitter.


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  1. The necklace he is wearing is not a pentagram, it is a Star of David necklace, to avoid any confusion. Otherwise this guys outfit is really cool! Love the suit’

  2. @Sakura – Thanks! We often seem to have issues between the different number of points on the star necklaces. :-)