Mori Girl Fashion in Harajuku

These two fun Japanese girls and their guy friend were nice enough to pose for our photos on Cat Street in Harajuku. The girls are dressed in the organic/earthy colors and multi-layer fashion that makes us immediately think Mori Girl Style. As I’m pretty sure we’ve discussed here before, the Mori Girls are Japanese girls who dress like they live in the forest. It’s kind of a romantic forest fashion. The girls are wearing lots of layers, lace, a poncho, drop crotch pants, knit leggings, and boots. The guy with them is wearing a vest, rolled up jeans, and heeled shoes. In the second picture you can see all of their bags. Look at the girl on the far left in the second photo: even her handbag is multi-layered!

Mori Girl Style in Harajuku

Mori Girl Handbags

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  1. very cute and funky, yet romantic. aaaawesome!