Motorcycle Jackets from Tokyo Punker & Schott in Harajuku

Here’s a stylish couple that we met in Harajuku. The platinum blonde girl on the right is a 20-year-old student named Zeen. She’s wearing a leather motorcycle jacket from Tokyo Punker, a black top from Azul by Moussy and a short denim skirt with a frayed hem from Top Shop. She’s also wearing striped black tights and black platform booties.

Zeen’s accessories from Vivienne Westwood and other shops include a metal studded leather collar, a rosary necklace, a gold ring and three silver rings (including an armor ring). Her nails are decorated with abstract art in black and silver and she’s carrying an eye-catching vinyl purse with Marilyn Monroe graphics and an inset clock.

The guy on the left with wraparound shades and a goatee is Koei, who’s 20 years old. His orange and black hair features shaved sides and a long ponytail on top. He’s wearing a leather motorcycle jacket from Schott, a black shirt form Uniqlo and black-and-white print pants from King Mob. His two-tone shoes are from George Cox. Accessories include a silver armor ring, a silver eyeball ring, a couple of other silver rings and a spiked leather wristband. He’s also wearing a bright blue belt and a black leather belt.

We asked the couple about their preferences. Zeen said her favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood and her favorite type of music is hard rock, while Koei said his favorite fashion source is 666 King Mob and his favorite music genres are rock and punk. If you read Japanese, you can find out more about Zeen on her blog.

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  1. Cool! From head to toe, great jewelry, love that bag!

  2. His profile pic rocks! loving everything. Totally think they could be wearing THE new commitment rings. :)

  3. So nobody else noticed that half the jewelry they have on are rings and necklaces from the anime, Nana?
    Not saying they don’t look good. I’m just saying that the look they’re going for isn’t exactly legitimately theirs. Like the Sid Vicious padlock necklace she’s wearing. Ren wears that.
    Also, the armor rings are from Nana as well.

  4. the guy is scary though she is really beautiful and i don’t think they are copying things from nana ,if the mangaka was such a good designer she wouldn’t have become a mangaka, she just used a style that already existed(including the rings)

  5. I don’t think they’re trying to go for “Nana’s” look, rather a punky look.Nana and Ren were punky. As said above, the creator of Nana used wardrobe pieces that already existed. The rings had existed before the manga came out (look up Vivienne West Armored rings, and you will see)

  6. I think the girl is using one of Opi’s shatter effect nail polishes :P
    (And the result looks awesome, BTW).

    I also love the guy’s rings, his pants and his shoes. Perfect!!

  7. Tenshi Akane

    That’s how I want my hair! Very stylish and creative!

  8. OMG! Love their style! Especially love the vivienne westwood rings and her shoes!! :D

  9. I want to dye my hair like that! It looks awesome