Mugendo & Limi Feu vs. White Chiffon & Levis

We met these friendly students in Harajuku. On the right is 19-year-old Tsuboi. Her long print skirt is from Limi Feu resale shop. Her black cotton top is from Mugendo, a Koenji ethnic goods shop. Her fabric shoes are also from Mugendo.

Tsuboi’s accessories from G2? Include sunglasses on a necklace, a scrunchy on her wrist and brightly patterned socks. Her favorite shops are resale: Limi Feu, Muji and Y’s. Her favorite band is Maximum the Hormone.

On the left is 20-year-old Takakura. Her white chiffon top and Levis are from a resale shop. Her belt and purse are handmade. She’s wearing sandals that feature braided straps and turquoise stone decorations.

Takakura’s favorite places to shop are fur fur, Journal Standard and Suzuki Takayuki.
White chiffon top & Mugendo ethnic top

Mugendo top & G2? glasses

Mugendo cloth shoes & patterned socks

White chiffon top & cotton shirt

White Levis & braided sandals

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  1. o! I have red sunglasses too (very similar to these from pictures but I don’t have necklace). And Takakura’s style is so cool! I like whole thing ^^

  2. Dominique

    Both of their style is cool. I love the whole outfit of the girl on the left side and her hair. I’lll rock that whole outfit. :)

  3. Sushi girl

    I love live love takakuras style! The colour scheme is refreshing, cool and modern. I like her hair style too. Overall she looks very westernised I terms dress code but still very stylish.

    Btw what’s a resale shop? Is that like an outlet?

  4. I wish we could see Takakur’as belt and purse up close! Her whole outfit is very chic and I would totally rock that kind of style.

    BTW, Sushi Girl, resale shops are where you get clothes that people have worn and then sell. They’re called consignment shops in the US.

  5. love the shoer-hair lady..and the other’s black shirt…