Murua Faux Fur Coat, Cecil McBee Jeans & Bubbles Harajuku Boots

This is Lana, a stylish engineer in a black and white outfit who we spotted in Harajuku recently. You might remember that we’ve snapped her several times before.

Her faux fur coat from the Japanese brand Murua is worn over an Adidas t-shirt she bought via internet auction. Her jeans are Cecil McBee and her bucket bag is Goocy. She is also wearing buckled ankle boots from Bubbles Harajuku, a Gallerie ring, and a Rivet & Surge hat. We also noticed a bandana under the hat, a chain and letters necklace, as well as other rings.

Lana told us that she likes shopping from Bubbles and that she’s into K-pop in general and B1A4 in particular. To find out more about her, visit her on Twitter and Instagram.

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