Nadia Harajuku Pair Look Girls w/ Satin Jackets & Top Hat

These two high school students wearing “pair look” caught our eye on Harajuku. Both are wearing outfits from Nadia Harajuku that include short striped dresses trimmed with black lace and embroidered satin jackets. The girl on the right,16-year-old Kudo, has accessorized her look with a blue chiffon bow in her hair, pink heart-shaped sunglasses from Bunkaya Zakkaten, a Kanjani8 “Fight x Fighter” tour bag and a Nadia bag. She bought her black patent leather boots in Shinjuku.

The girl on the left with super-long blonde hair is 15-year-old Honoka. Her accessories include a black top hat from Bunkaya Zakkaten and a Kanjani8 “Fight x Fighter” tour bag. Her white platform sneakers are from Nadia.

Both girls told us that their favorite place to shop is Nadia. Kudo also told us that her favorite music is by Radwimps and Chatmonchy.

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  1. Honoka seems to be quite tall, and the platforms and tophat make her look even taller! I love when tall girls flaunt their height instead of trying to disguise it. <3 I know I love to put on a pair of heels and feel like the 50ft. Woman xD

    Their outfits are really cute, I love their dresses!

  2. i love the brand Nadia~ :D im still starting to collect some clothing from them! I wan those stadium jackets <3

  3. I love their outfits! And one of them also listens to RADWIMPS, this makes me like her even more :)

  4. God I wanna be that tall. : )
    They both look very nice in this couple outfit, aha.

  5. wouldn’t mind climbing Honoka first and then moving on to that cute little fireplug friend of hers

  6. Is there any way I can buy things from Nadia online? I was in Tokyo last year but I totally missed the shop and I LOVE it.

    Do I have to fly back?