Nadia Harajuku Romper w/ Ray Cassin & Candy Stripper Platform Sneakers

Serina is a 21-year-old girl who caught our eye with her heart & bows in Harajuku. She told us she works in an office, and she gave us her Twitter name.

Serina is wearing an acid wash denim romper from Nadia, with a heart on the chest, a V-Ex (VENCE EXCHANGE) top and a navy Ray Cassin cardigan. Her bag is from World Wide Love and the animal print platform sneakers are from Candy Stripper. Serina has pink highlights in her hair, a bow headband, and is wearing a faux fur cowl and heart print tights.

She told us that her favorite shop is Candy Stripper, and that her favorite band is Porno Graffiti.

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  1. I would love to know where the tights are from…! (*_*)

  2. you can find similar tights at and on ebay, search for pamela mann tights :D

  3. Mai Midgard

    Beautiful hair and make up!!♥
    The shoes are incredible too, love it!

  4. This may be my favorite girl I’ve ever seen.
    I would marry her ;-;

  5. TheLovelyAsh

    Oh my, I couldn’t think of nearly a better coordinate! I love how EVERYTHING goes together perfectly… The tights are especially wonderful. I think I may have the same exact romper as her… But I still love this outfit dearly! It’s wonderful~

  6. i have similair tights!
    the only difference is that i have 1 ring of hearts on each leg instead of two..

  7. I have tights similar to these which I found on Just search through their Sock & Tights section to find the hearts & garter designs.

  8. i need to get that romper!!!! :3 such a cute outfit!

  9. So those same tights on Urban Outfitters, I think it was.