Nadia Harajuku Yui in Vargas Earrings, Spank! Skirt & Platform Converse

Meet Yui, a stylish 19-years-old Japanese girl who works at Harajuku’s well-known Nadia boutique. (Tokyo Fashion contributor Momo used to work at Nadia too!)

Yui is wearing a top from H&M with a pink heart-print skirt from Spank! and a pair of the famous Nadia platform Converse high top sneakers. Her accessories include oversized cherry earrings by Japanese designer Rie Shiraishi’s brand Vargas, a pin by French graffiti artist FAFI, a silver armor ring by Vivienne Westwood, and several other silver rings – including at least one by Japanese accessory designer Alice Black. Adding to Yui’s overall look are her red-tipped hair (a hairstyle we’re seeing more of on the streets of Harajuku lately) and her metallic-tipped nail art.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. i love the pin badge thing she has on its really kawaii :)

  2. Simple, sweet, and adorable. I think it suits her very nicely.

  3. I see that such earnings are in trend now in Japan. I like them ;)

  4. I love her outfit, but her hair color is the best! <3

  5. JamJammieJam

    See, personally I find the colored tip look ugly. I hope it isn’t becoming a trend…

  6. Very cute…the more I see those armor rings, the more I want one. Also, I think her earrings are badass and her nails actually blew my mind…how did she get them to look like that??? Overall, she’s very pretty and I loved her whole ensemble.

  7. I ‘ve already seen her! Last time her hair tips were dyed bright yellow…she looks simple but cool :D

  8. Is that teardrop some sort of makeup?! im google searching like a fiend, can’t find it! any hints?

  9. oh shoot i think i figured it out. It’s a concentrated spot of silver glitter liner!
    (sorry for the spam) I have glitter liner! must try it out!

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  11. i LOVE her whole outfit & hair! shes got SWAAAG =) i never seen shoes like those befour! O_O

  12. She´s wearing THE Vivienne Westwood´s silver armor ring! *o*

  13. nantochan

    oh dear, the nails and the shoes and the rings! I want themmmmmmm!!!!!!!

  14. I think she’s look great in dutch wooden shoes.:D