Nadia Sneakers vs. Vivienne Rocking Horse Shoes

We photographed these friendly Japanese girls in Harajuku. The girl on the right with braids is Hariya, who is 20 years old. She’s wearing a blue flowered skirt from Grimoire. Her white lace blouse and black jacket are from the Cult Party vintage store. She’s also wearing Vivienne Westwood black suede Rocking Horse shoes with black tights. Her Cult Party print bag is decorated with one of the large tassels that are currently fashionable in Tokyo.

The auburn-haired girl on the left is a 19-year-old beauty student named Matsuzaki. Her entire outfit is from resale and vintage stores. She’s wearing a short black and white striped skirt, a black knit top and a whimsical print vest. Her accessories include a bag from Ne-Net, a colorful head scarf tied in a bow and plastic jewelry that she made herself. Her platform sneakers from Nadia Flores en el Corazon are worn with black net stockings decorated with small hearts.

Hariya’s favorite place to shop is at the vintage and resale stores. She likes the music of Takeshi Hosomi, lead singer for the bands Ellegarden and The Hiatus. Matsuzaki is a fan of Akiba48.
Girls Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse Shoes and Nadia Platform Sneakers

Grimoire skirt and Cult Party vintage tops

Cult Party vintage bag with tassel

Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse shoes

Resale vest and handmade plastic necklace

Auburn hair and colorful hair bow

Ne-Net bag and striped vintage skirt

Handmade plastic necklace

Platform sneakers from Nadia Flores en el Corazon

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  1. adelaidefreiallewellyn

    ohgoodness!! :] IT’S THE PROFESSOR!!! that necklace is downright BOMB. The bow, vest, and skirt go together so well! The tights just top the cuteness w/the little hearts<3 :D I love her whole outfit, and the makeup is simple, but still colourful and unique(; excellent. <3

    I love both of their shoes, I've noticed a few photos on here of people wearing those sorts of platform converse shoes.

  3. the girl with ‘the professor’ neackle is gorgeous, the oversized neackle matched so well with her shirt. a simplicity with a bit pow ^^

  4. They both have a bold & quirky style, which many streets around the world could do more with! I can’t imagine walking around in those platforms though :O

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  6. WOW! They are SO cute! But I especially love the girl with the professor necklace. I want to make a necklace like that with my characters now! Haha.

    I like her Ne-Net bag, haircut, EVERYTHING. She is spot-on, and I agree, I wish we had more people like these two in more streets around the world. -Street Fashion Illustrations!

  7. Chibi Panda

    Professor Utonium <3
    The platform sneakers are awesome.

  8. I looove the high sneakers !!! <3 Does anyone know where to buy them on the net ?