Nadia Staffer in Last Frontier Satin Jacket

This silver-haired girl is Manitas, a 19-year-old Nadia staffer. Her outfit consists of a skeleton-printed t-shirt and a Last Frontier satin baseball jacket with dragon embroidery.

She’s also wearing black denim shorts, black stockings, multicolor socks, white platform sneakers and a wide black hairband.

Manitas jewelry includes a cross and toy soldier on chains around her neck.
Nadia Staffer in Last Frontier Satin Jacket

Silver hair & skeleton t-shirt

Soldier & cross on chains

Last Frontier satin baseball jacket

White platform sneakers with multicolored socks

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  1. i bet something happen to her lips…XD…but i love that shoes…

  2. She’s always got amazing style! You guys should also photograph Maina, one of the other Nadia shop staff. Her style is really amazing too!

  3. Outfit is nice don’t really like the hair… Oh only just noticed
    the descriptions about cool


  4. Love the soldier, I don’t like war but I’ve never seen this, so creative!
    I want tha jacket *.*

  5. Wow ! She is stunning ! Love the shoes and that jacket and I LOVE her hair <3

  6. Madonna Lily

    I agree with Mery, the soldier is nuts!
    I also like the printed t-shirt, that color is a unusual combination.
    I don’t like either her hair…looks damaged

  7. This is brilliant! I wish more people would be as individual and adventurous with what they wear :D

  8. Valeria Archuleta

    In love with her style <3 i think i may try that hair <3