Neon Clutch w/ Geometric Jewelry, Michael Kors & Tokyo Chiip Lovers

Arisa is a college student, and she’s 20 years old. We liked her black outfit with pops of neon, so we stopped her in Harajuku for a few snaps.

She borrowed the black t-shirt from her mother, and paired it with Azul shorts and a Michael Kors blazer. Her neon green clutch matches her socks. The geometric necklace is from Forever21, and her cross/bead bracelets are Tokyo Chiip Lovers. She is also wearing small geometric earrings and patent creepers.

Arisa like shopping at Topshop and she listens to One OK Rock and Queen. You can find her on Twitter for regular updates.

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  1. Scarlatine

    OK. Awesome hairstyle, awesome minimalist make up, awesome outfit, awesome smile ! What else to say ?
    Oh, yeah, she listens to good music.

    Congrats girl, you’re perfect.

  2. Oh my god that neck lace i friggin love it! From where is that ?

  3. Black with neon. No need for too much accesories, this is already perfect. The collar is the “plus” to this outfit.
    Yes, great great taste mademoiselle.

  4. Great smile, very cool necklace, gorgeous legs. Nice.