Nice Claup Jacket, Resale Cropped Pants & Suede Heather Booties

This is Hayashi, a 19-year-old college student. Her eclectic outfit includes a Nice Claup plaid jacket, brown sweater, abstract print shirt and striped cuffed pants from a resale shop. She’s paired her red suede booties from Heather with striped socks.

Hayashi’s accessories include a charm bracelet from Santa Monica. Her leather shoulder bag is from a used clothing store.

When we asked Hayashi about her favorite designer her answer was Vivienne Westwood.

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  1. I love her shoes and bracelet, but that hairstyle doesn’t suit her at all

    I love her, she is so pretty~ Like her very much~

  3. Dreaded Queen

    Hott ensemble. I wish her hair was more edgy but it suits her .

  4. This girl has a parisian style, look like a “titi” in the 30th ! I like !!!