Striped Skirt & Red Suspenders in Harajuku

This cute Japanese girl is Momoko, a 20-year old beauty school student. She’s wearing a striped knit skirt with a yoke waistline and handkerchief hem. She’s also wearing a white knit top with blue and white ribbon trim and platform shoes from Jeanasis. Her red suspenders and blue headband with fabric flowers add a cute touch. Her large black school bag is decorated with stuffed bears.

Momoko told us that her favorite fashion brands are La Foret Harajuku and Beams T and that one of her favorite bands is the Backstreet Boys.

Japanese girl with Nike skirt and red suspenders

Red suspenders & white shirt with blue ribbon

Large Nichibi bag with teddy bears

Platform sandals with ankle straps

Blue headband with fabric rosettes

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    Momoko is absolutely beautiful! She definitely has great style and taste.

  2. She’s really cute, and her headband is awesome. Her bag is huuuugeee!!! I wonder what she keeps in there.

  3. Her shoes are adorable but I cannot stand asymmetrical skirts. When will this horrible style die?

  4. Simply adorable! And, she’ll never have to worry about which bag is hers with her name emblazoned on the little yellow star! ;) Not that there’s much chance you’d find two of those bags (with teddies) in the same place at the same time.

    My wife will probably want one! :D

  5. That is AWESOME ! i totally wish i lived in Tokoyo ! XD that would bee Siick ! I heart her outfiit !