Nile Perch Girl vs. Monomania Guy

This friendly Japanese couple, both students, was photographed in Harajuku. The cute girl on the right is Kaoru. On top she’s wearing a long soft pink hoodie and black long-sleeved shirt from Nile Perch and Milk. Her skull leggings are from ManiaQ. Her pink sneakers and handbag (with an attached stuffed rabbit) are resale. Her accessories include a Swatch watch and a Vivienne Westwood studded bracelet.

Kaoru’s favorite store is Nile Perch, a popular fairy kei store in Harajuku. She also likes the Monomania brand. Her favorite music is Fall Out Boy and Tommy February.

The guy on the left with glasses is Mikuto. He’s wearing a long graphic t-shirt and black shorts from Monomania, which is he says is favorite brand. He’s also wearing a black sweatshirt and bright pink headphones. He has cool silver hightops from Vans and black dotted leggings.

Mikuto’s favorite music is Ginnan Boyz and Going Steady.
Guy in Monomania graphic t-shirt & girl in Nile Perch hoodie

Long Nile Perch hoodie & Vivienne Westwood bracelet

Pink resale sneakers and skull leggings

Monomania graphic t-shirt and pink headphones

Silver Vans hightops & dotted leggings

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  1. Girl is soooooo cute! She looks very girlish but not too sweet (this pink hoodie matches wonderful with black shirt and leggins! I’m in love with her clothes!). And guy too – nice style, although I don’t really like that kind of shoes.

  2. I usually really like Monomania..but it depends. They look pretty cool here. What do you guys think about leggings under shorts for guys like this?

  3. Lady Caos

    I don’t like that T-shirt on a man XD but everything else is great! Including leggings for both of them ;) I personally think that leggings on a man are a really brave choice and only some people can pull it off… he looks cool in them ;)

  4. Are those tight tees wearing under those shorts ? Dam I would not have thought to do that it looks pretty sick YER =)

  5. Oh my goodness, they are SO cute. Both of them! I love it!

  6. they are soooooooooo oooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooo ccccccccccccccuuuuuuuuuttttttte

  7. sam sasha

    Did Anyone Know What Eyeglasses He Wears .. Pleaasse?!

  8. I love everything everything everything of the boy >w<
    and he too *¬*
    rabu rabu rabu ♡ ♡ ~ !

  9. I love tokyo fashion (^^) they look very comfortable and cool!

  10. I love them. Both!~ I love how guy looks so cute yet bad, and how girl perfectly matches him!

  11. i wish my hubby is trendy like him (v_v)’…..

  12. Madonna Lily

    I agree with Lady Caos ▲ ^^
    And I like a lot the girl’s sweater