Nincompoop Capacity, OTOE & George Cox

Naomichi is a 19-year-old college student who’s wearing an artfully mis-snapped black, white and red baseball-style jacket from Nincompoop Capacity and a long red skirt from OTOE that he bought at a used/resale shop. He’s also wearing what looks like a black apron wrapped around his waist.

His black leather shoes with Velcro fasteners are from George Cox and his white fabric bag is handmade. His accessories include round wireframe glasses, a black-and-white striped headband and a heavy silver ring.

Naoimichi told us his favorite fashion brand is OTOE. His favorite musical group is Crystal Castles.
Nincompoop Capacity, OTOE & George Cox

Nincompoop Capacity baseball jacket

Black-and-white striped headband

Handmade fabric tote

Bevelled silver ring

George Cox Velcro shoes

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  1. Oh he’s wearing NINCOMPOOP??? U know that saying, “you are what U eat”? Well, in this case, that also applies to ‘WHAT YOU WEAR’.

  2. He’s amazing. His style is always unique and a bit avant-garde. I love the continuos round wire framed glasses. The proportions of his clothes have been long, boxy, and interesting in the shots I’ve seen him in. I guess not everybody would like this style, but to me he is not only avant-garde but seems to be the type that starts mini trends that trickle throughout the rest of the world years later honestly. I’ve seen it over and over again…People mock something until it becomes mainstream. Not saying this whole look will, but I think you guys know what I mean. :) Props to him for being original.