Nippon Beauty Academy Students’ Harajuku Street Styles

We met this group of stylish people in Harajuku, and we stopped them for some snaps. We found out that they are all Nippon Beauty Academy (Nichibi) students.

Pictured to the right, we have Yuta, who is 19. He is wearing a resale shirt with patches, handmade shorts and George Cox creepers. His backpack is from Element and his watch is Baby-G. He’s also wearing a bandana, sunglasses and a heart shaped ring. Yuta’s favorite band is The Mirraz, and he’s on Twitter.

In the middle is Ryota. She is 18 and she’s active on Twitter. Her crop top, skirt and clutch are all from H&M, paired with a resale leather jacket and pink lace-up boots. She accessorized with hair pins, a small cross choker, floral bracelets and an arrow bracelet, as well as over the knee socks. Ryota’s favorite stores are Topshop, H&M and American Apparel.

To the left, there’s Rui. He’s 19, and he’s a fan of Orange Range. He’s wearing a striped t-shirt and blue pants, both from American Apparel, with a Jansport backpack and New Balance sneakers. His pyramid necklace is from Aquvii, and he’s also wearing a silver earring, and a BBB cap. Find him on Twitter for regular updates.

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