Nozomi Ishiguro Pants vs. Nike x X-Girl Shoes

We met these 20-year-old students in Harajuku. The cool blonde guy on the left is named Nori. He’s wearing a graphic t-shirt from Insight with a black leather jacket. His pants from avant garde designer Nozomi Ishiguro are made from pieces of sweatshirts. Nori is carrying a black bag with silver studs from a resale store.

The cute auburn-haired girl on the right with odango buns and a bandana bow is Tomomi. Her color-blocked t-shirt is from RNA and her short flared skirt is from American Apparel. She’s wearing a short black leather jacket and her accessories include a studded belt. She’s also wearing striped socks and two-tone shoes from Nike x X-Girl (a collaboration between the two brands). Tomomi’s black and striped backpack is from Volcom.

Nori’s favorite designer is Nozomi Ishiguro and Tomomi’s favorite brand is X-Girl.
Nozomi Ishiguro Pants & Nike x X-Girl Shoes

Blonde guy with Insight t-shirt and leather jacket

Black studded resale back and Insight t-shirt

Auburn odango hair buns and large bandana bow

Striped backpack from Volcom

Striped socks and Nike x X-Girls two-tone shoes

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  1. toodlesnoodles

    i like their leather jackets! hmm i wonder if that purse is actually hers & the backpack is his & they decided to switch it up to be funny for the picture? confused. haha

  2. A lot of the outfits I see here I wear on a daily bases.<.<; I know nothing of fashion over there too….. hmmmm maybe I really should move to Tokyo. lol

  3. NekoSheila

    Both of their outfits are just awesome. I remember when I use to do my hair like her.