One OK Rock Fan w/ Snoopy Hoodie & Dr. Martens in Harajuku

Kai is an 18 year old college student whose fun colorful look caught our eye as he walked by us in Harajuku.

Kai is wearing an oversized striped resale shirt with white over-the-knee pants from Uniqlo, and a red sleeveless hoodie printed with a Snoopy Christmas scene, which he got at Ropa Doce Nada. Kai is carrying a red and white bag which reads “pastel colors” and his burgundy lace-up shoes are by Dr. Martens. He doesn’t wear other accessories then an ankle bracelet.

We asked Kai where he does his shopping, and he told us he loves Wall Harajuku (at LaForet). His favorite band is One OK Rock.

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  1. nice look! red colored man ww
    me one ok rock fan too w