Orange Twin Tails, Sailor Fuku & Lego Man Earrings in Harajuku

Mochoko (17) & Momoriinu (16) are two fun girls who we met in Harajuku. They are both students.

Mochoko – on the left with fire orange hair in cute twin tails – is wearing a uniform blazer over a Miss R top, a Miss R mini-skirt, ruffle socks, and yellow GalStar platform shoes. Accessories include Lego man earrings, a yellow chain necklace from the Harajuku shop Sevens, and a backpack from Spinns with a cute teddy bear charm. Mochoko’s favorite shop is Sevens and she’s a fan of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. For more info, find her on Twitter or Instagram.

Momoriinu – on the right with black hair – is wearing a cardigan and sailor uniform top from Uniqlo, a pleated school uniform skirt, black socks, and loafers. Her Barbie school bag is decorated with lots of cute plush turtles. Momoriinu told us that her favorite brand is E hyphen world gallery and she’s also a fan of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Find out more about Momoriinu on Twitter.

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