OTOE Dress & Panbu vs Liber Oz & KTZ Harajuku Street Styles

Itoo and Ruko are a cool duo we photographed in Harajuku, both wearing black and white. You might remember Ruko from her snaps this summer.

Itoo told us that he works in apparel, and that he’s 23. He is wearing an oversized Liber Oz t-shirt with resale pants. His backpack is from KTZ and his sneakers are Vans. He’s also wearing a fuzzy Kangol hat, cross necklace and rings, which he got from Hiro and Martin Margiela. Itoo’s favorite places to shop are Cannabis, Honey’s Dead and Dog, and he’s active on Twitter.

Ruko is a 19-year-old student and model. Her oversized dress is from OTOE, paired with a white collar and green beret. Her toast print tote is from Panbu, and her bracelet is Chanel. She is also wearing red nails, a floral ring and beads bracelets. Ruko is a fan of Bump of Chicken, and she likes to shop at Business As Usual. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. I love Ruko’s black oversized dress with a huge white collar. I might have to try a similar look, hehe :D. Both fellows here look awesome :)

  2. “Действительно хотите сделать мне больно” LoL:D