Oversized Top, Connecter Clutch & Platform Sneakers in Harajuku

Azu caught our eye with her short hair and oversized metallic glasses, so we stopped her for a few quick snaps. We found that she’s 20 and she goes to college. She’s on Twitter if you want to look her up.

Azu’s oversized clutch is from Connecter Harajuku. She paired it with a velvet long sleeve and a white, oversized tank dress, as well as plaid pants. She is wearing platform sneakers, and her jewelry is minimal: a geometric necklace, ring and bracelet. She told us she got her accessories at Santa Monica, the Tokyo resale shop. Santa Monica is actually her favorite place to shop, along with OTOE.

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  1. Love how simple this outfit is ~ and the trousers peeking out from under her dress.

  2. Where can I purchase the clutch from? Is there any similar online? I’ve been looking for the perfect clutch for my sister for months and I believe this is the one!

  3. Thanks so much @tokyo. If you have any ideas on where I can purchase one or anything similar here in the United States, please let me know! Thanks again!