Friends in Oversized Fashion, Bomber & Geta at Bunka Fashion College

We met Gyan, Auri, and Satou at Bunka Fashion College in Shinjuku. Their unique fashion and styling caught our eye right away!

Gyan – on the left with a hat, vivid lipstick, and cool circle lenses – is an 18-year-old student. Her look features a deconstructed bomber jacket which she picked up resale and paired with a Uniqlo manga-print top, a pleated OTOE maxi-skirt, red socks, and Tokyo Bopper ribbon platform shoes. Her oversized tote bag with a fringe bottom is handmade. Gyan told us that her favorite brands include OTOE and Tokyo Bopper. Find her on Twitter for more info!

Auri – in the middle with middle with red lipstick and black hair – is 17 years old, and a student. Auri’s look includes an oversized red sweater (check the length of the sleeves!) that she bought resale with a long red skirt (also resale), and resale traditional sandals worn with socks. Accessories include a cute necklace, a rope belt, and a Kuro Benz tote bag decorated with illustrated buttons. Auri’s favorite fashion sources include Hikari and Kuro Benz and she enjoys the music of Ginnan Boyz. Follow Auri on Twitter to find out more about her life.

On the right with the cool hairstyle and lip piercings is 18-year-old Satou, also a student. He’s wearing a long Kuro Benz top over bottoms from ADD Nagano (ADD is Japanese brand Banal Chic Bizarre’s boutique) and traditional geta sandals. Satou’s Banal Chic Bizarre bag (which he said is from “Banzai”) is decorated with Doraemon and other charms. His favorite brand is Kuro Benz and he also listens to the Japanese rock band Ginnan Boyz. Satou is active on Twitter here.

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  1. Gosh, the hairstyle of the girl in red is stunning.

  2. i really liked the red dress and i loved all the bags

  3. these girls look so cool and the girl wihthe red dress reminds me of Enma Ai of Jigoku Shoujo.

  4. Kimberly Patton

    I am an older woman of 55, but it’s obvious these 3 beauties are on top if their game.They look great and I give them all the credit for finding,creating and wearing their own style.I love that spark of originality and individualism in Japan and in young folks in general.That’s what make the world a fascinating place!And I came here to look at Geta images,to make my own pair diy!Great article,thanks all!