Harajuku Girls w/ Pajama Pants, Teddy Bears & Boy Tokyo

These two fun and friendly Harajuku girls are Ogo and Mai. The kawaii pajama pants that they are both wearing have been quite popular with certain resale-loving Harajuku girls in spring and summer 2013.

Ogo, on the left, is wearing “Coconut the Dog” print pajama pants with a bustier top and a lace negligee (all items popular with girls who frequent the resale shop Kinji Harajuku). Her sneakers are Reebok and accessories include a cute teddy bear necklace, various manga buttons, and a tote bag with a large teddy bear attached. You can find Ogo on Twitter!

Mai, with twintails, is wearing Bambi print pajama pants with an embroidered top and New Balance sneakers. Her accessories include a Boy Tokyo “Young Yoboy Youth” tote bag and cute circle glasses. Mai is also on Twitter!

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  1. Victoria Moore

    I usually hate seeing someone wearing their pajama pants on the street but these two girls have made the trend look cute. I might even copy them one day.

  2. I wear pajamas outside too but in my case I’m just too lazy to change ’cause it’s usually just driving for some midnight food take-outs LOL but these two are so adorable and trendy :)

  3. I love their smile! And the second picture is so awesome!!! XD