Pan-d-ra Singer Toshiki’s Tetragrammaton Military Coat & Alchemy Gothic Silver Jewelry

This cool guy is Toshiki Asaki, vocalist for the visual kei band Pan-d-ra. When we photographed him in Harajuku he was wearing a long velvet military coat with silver trim and buttons from Tetragrammaton over black 5351 pants and a black Noid shirt. His black woven leather shoes are from endevice.

Toshiki’s accessories from Alchemy Gothic include a baroque silver necklace and two silver rings. We wanted to know about Toshiki’s preferences, so we asked. He told us he likes Alice Auaa, 5351 and Yohji Yamamoto for fashion. For music, he likes symphonic metal, visual kei and 80s hard rock.

You can find out more about Toshiki and his band on the official Pan-d-ra website and on his personal blog.

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  1. Fanplusfriend’s velvet coat!
    He is so stylish!

  2. The pants have a neat texture, very cool rings, and awesome footwear. :)

  3. love love love the long jacket and how form fitting it is at the chest and waist…where can I buy it?? Does anyone know?!?!

  4. wow
    it looks great
    the coat is amazing – shape and color are just perfect
    and his hairs and his jewelrys are just prefect

  5. Oh my, he’s gorgeous *-*

    That amount of Alchemy Gothic bling makes me sooo jealous!

  6. Oh my gush, he’s handsome
    He kind of reminds me of Helia from Winx Club :p

  7. nice outfit remind me of final fantasy character ^^

  8. Leire Chan xD

    He seems Sefiroth, from Final Fantasy, he is so pretty, I really like him and his clothes ~