Panama Boy Chiffon Robe, Yakusoku Dress & Nadia Tote Bag

This honey-haired girl is Riko, an 18-year-old student. Her long chiffon robe is from Panama Boy and her cotton print dress is from Yakusoku. Her outfit also features a white fabric bag from Nadia and pink and white rocking horse shoes from Tokyo Bopper.

Accessories include a chiffon scarf in her hair from Bunkaya Zakkaten, white drop earrings from Gaijin and a Nile Perch button on her bag.

We asked Riko about her favorite places to shop and her answer was The Virgin Mary and Gaijin. She also told us that her favorite group is Passpo.

You can follow Riko on Twitter by request.

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  1. seriously love her PINK rocking horse shoes, lace socks and the shear polka stockings!!!! I need these things in my life :(

  2. Dreaded Queen

    Rocking horse shoes hanging in there. I wonder what those people in the background are signing up for????

  3. I love this whole outfit
    Especially her ballet slippers ring and RHS
    Also admiring nile perch ~

  4. kawaiiii—–<333

    this fashion just suits her♪

    and how to wear the chiffon robe is great!!

    i love her fashion;)