Panda Hat, Monomania Top & Creamy Mami Bag in Harajuku

This is Liliko, a friendly Japanese high school student who we met in Harajuku. Liliko’s whimsical style embodies the spirit of fun-meets-fashion in Harajuku, which is what made us decide to street snap her.

Liliko is wearing a Monomania graphic top under a black Uniqlo hoodie, a tiered white skirt which she picked up at “a local store”, black & white tights, lace ruffle socks, and cute black bow shoes purchased in Harajuku. Accessories include her panda hat, a necklace from Emily Temple (hidden by her scarf), and a Creamy Mami manga handbag from Village Vanguard.

Liliko told us that her favorite brands include Milkfed and Monomania. Her favorite band is Radwimps. Liliko has her own personal blog, but it appears to be set to “members only” at this time.

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  1. I love this cute outfit!!!
    She is so cute too!!
    I love it!