Panda Hat, Silver Clutch, Creepers & Resale Fashion in Harajuku

Takumi is 17 years old, and he’s a student. When we talked to him in Harajuku, he told us that his look is made up of mostly resale items.

Takumi’s shirt, cable knit sweater, skirt and silver clutch were all purchased resale. He accessorized with a panda headpiece and Bubbles Harajuku rings. He is also wearing black creepers.

Takumi told us he likes shopping from Joyrich and Galaxxxy, and that he’s a fan of Big Bang and One OK Rock. Find out more about him on Twitter.

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  1. OMG! Love his layers!! He is SO CUTE ASDFGHJKL;’# Big Bang ftw!!!
    The hat is the cutest and his whiskers i just wanna squidge his cheeks > )3(< aww