Panda-Loving Idol in Harajuku w/ ACDC Rag Kimono Top, Knee Socks & Three-Eyed Kuma

Narumi is a 19-year-old panda-loving idol who we met on the street in Harajuku.

In addition to her dip dye hairstyle, Narumi is wearing a panda kimono jacket from ACDC Rag Harajuku over a black lace-up ACDC Rag top, a plaid skirt from Spinns, and Bodyline boots. Accessories – which came from Candye Syrup and Village Vanguard – include non-matching knee socks, a gothic katyusha, a leather backpack from WC Harajuku, and a three-eyed kuma charm by Parallel.

Narumi’s favorite brands are ACDC Rag and Listen Flavor. She likes the music of Mio Yamazaki. Find her on Twitter or Instagram for more pictures and info.

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