Paporin Purple Plaid Kawaii Street Styles in Tokyo w/ Twin Tails, Daiso Rainbow Bag, Pleated Skirts, Kinji Harajuku, Seria, Yosuke & CS T&P Shoes

Easily catching our eye while walking along the streets of Tokyo are Moma and Saranrappu, two 16-year-old Japanese students who are both sporting purple kawaii street styles.

At the left sporting a twin buns hairstyle is Moma. She is dressed in a pink and purple remake plaid jacket, which she paired with a purple pleated skirt from Paporin. Tall white loose socks and white platform sneakers from Yosuke rounded out her style. A purple headband, purple bun ties with jump rope handle embellishments, a pink belt and a denim neck warmer finished off her style. Moma likes to shop at resale boutiques and she likes listening to the music of Sakanaction. For more of Moma, follow her on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Saranrappu stepped out in an outfit from Paporin featuring a ruffled collar sweatshirt, a purple plaid skirt, pink ribbed socks over sheer white tights and purple heeled platforms with heart cutout straps from CS T&P. A rainbow chain-strap bag from Daiso and accessories such as purple hair ties, pom pom earrings and colorful rings completed her outfit. Most of her accessories are from Kinji and Seria. Saranrappu lists Kiki2 and Spank! and she enjoys the music of Sekai No Owari and Judy & Mary. For more of her styles, follow Saranrappu on Instagram.

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