Pastel Braids w/ Simpsons Prints, Jeremy Scott, & Mishka in Shinjuku

It’s always a pleasure running into Anami in Tokyo – she’s a friendly 19 year old student, whom we previously snapped here. With pink and blue braided hair, her look definitely turns heads on the street.

Anami is wearing a Jeremy Scott sweater, printed with Bart Simpson’s face, paired with over the knee “Bartman” shorts from Spiral. Her pink, bone-print bag is by Jeremy Scott x Longchamp, and her cool spike cap is from Mishka. Anami has pink nails, an eye-shaped ring from Spiral and smaller, bat rings on another finger. She paired her Airwalk sneakers with sports socks.

We wanted to know more about what Anami likes, and she told us that Big Bang is her favorite band. She loves Jeremy Scott as a designer, and you can find her on Twitter to learn more.

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  1. She’s evidently a Big Bang fan! Her look is so GD-inspired. <3

  2. billy quanah

    @Amaya I think not to be honest, Anami has always been a big Jeremy Scott fan :)