Pastel Fashion & Makeup w/ Quilted Jacket, Ruffle Skirt & Freckleat in Harajuku

Chun is a friendly pink-haired staffer at New York Joe Exchange, a resale shop in Shimokitazawa. We often see her around the streets of Harajuku. Chun’s personal style – both fashion and makeup – is unique, and always catches our eye.

Chun is wearing a pink lace-trimmed quilted jacket that she picked up resale over a top from New York Joe Exchange and a beautiful pink tiered ruffle skirt from Yakusoku in Koenji. Both her “Best Friends” blush animal bag and her unique furry bell-adorned shoes are by the indie Japanese brand Freckleat. Accessories include a knit shawl and a pretty lace-trimmed hat.

Chun’s favorite shops include New York Joe Exchange, Yakusoku, and Meno. For more information and pictures, you can follow Chun on Twitter.

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  1. I wish more girls like this had blogs where they talked about piecing together their outfits.

  2. Mia-Sehana

    @appletoad I totally agree! It would help those who are fashion challenged like me .