Pastel Hair w/ Mikio Sakabe, Shinya Yamaguchi & Alice Black

Airi is a stylish student with pastel hair who we met on the streets of Shinjuku.

Airi is wearing a Mikio Sakabe t-shirt (with a print inspired by Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”) over a long sleeve top, with skinny jeans from Insight. She has a handmade tote bag and a studded pouch worn cross body, from Shinya Yamaguchi. Airi wore this outfit with white platform shoes and a striped baseball cap. Her accessories include several ear piercings, a studded ring and bracelet, a pink Mickey Mouse ring, a gold watch and black glitter nail art. She told us that some of her accessories are from Alice Black.

Airi’s favorite place to shop is Anton, and you can find her on Twitter if you want to learn more about her.


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  1. That is an earring from Alice Black S/S Collection! Wow that girl sure is fast!

  2. Where to buy a long t-shirt like this?! I very want one, but I can’t find any! Help pls.