Pastel Hair, 6%DokiDoki Dress & Yowamushi Pedal Bags in Harajuku

This is Nodoka, a 15-year-old Harajuku student with colorful hair and a colorful outfit. You might remember her previous kawaii Harajuku street snaps.

Nodoka is wearing a resale animal print faux-fur coat, a Uniqlo turtleneck, and a colorful dress from Harajuku fashion brand 6%DokiDoki. Her amazing bags are hand-decorated with countless Yowamushi Pedal fan goods. Her pink bow shoes are from Kinji Harajuku. She is also wearing lots of cute accessories from 6%DokiDoki – including hair clips, a fuzzy heart necklace, keychains, and pins.

Nodoka told us that she likes to shop at 6%DokiDoki and Nile Perch, and that she’s a fan of anisong (music from anime).

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  1. Agnifirebaba

    Nice! I like this color of hair very much :O