Pastel Harajuku Fashion w/ Devilish Harness, Milklim, Demonia, 6%DOKIDOKI, HellcatPunks & Compeitou

While walking in the streets of Harajuku at night, we met Giovanni, an 18-year-old student wearing a cute pastel colored ensemble.

Giovanni’s look features a mint green long robe from the Harajuku fairy kei brand Milklim over a purple lace and ruffle dress of the same brand. Over the knee white printed stockings, Demonia platform baby doll shoes, and a Mezzo Piano bag complete her outfit. Her numerous colorful accessories include a pink harness from Devilish, hair clips and hair ties from Swimmer and 6%DokiDoki, Milkychan necklace and bracelets, a Swimmer bracelet, a handmade necklace, garter from HellcatPunks, a purple watch, and rings from Compeitou and Spank!

Her favorite Japanese fashion brand is Milklim. You can follow Giovanni on Twitter and Instagram for her social media updates.

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  1. Andrea Camillary

    # princess Kawaii girl. She looks like a Kawaii royalty of the world. Especially the hair clips are very Kawaii. And so does the kawaii jewelry.