Pastel-Haired Harajuku Girls in Colorful Fashion w/ Listen Flavor, Liz Lisa, Yosuke & 6%DokiDoki

19-year old Yamazaki2gou (a specialty school student) and Sebone (an illustrator) caught our eye on the street in Harajuku.

On the right, pink and purple ombre-haired Yamazaki2gou is wearing a black print t-shirt and black shorts under a pastel purple and mint green sleeve jacket from the Harajuku fashion brand Listen Flavor, black and white striped knee-high socks and purple platform boots from Yosuke. Accessories – from 6%DokiDoki, Claire’s and handmade – include an officer’s hat, round sunglasses, a heart choker necklace, and decora accessories such as bracelets and rings. Yamazaki2gou likes to shop at Listen Flavor and loves listening to the music of Lady Gaga. Follow Yamazaki2gou on Twitter.

On the left, twin-tailed Sebone’s kawaii fashion features an oversized pastel purple varsity jacket with pink sleeves from Listen Flavor, pink socks and white platform shoes from Yosuke. Her accessories include a pink collar necklace, silver and decora rings from 6%DokiDoki, and a white bow handbag from Liz Lisa. Sebone’s favorite brand/shop is Listen Flavor and she likes listening to Ali Project. Sebone can be reached at her social media accounts in Twitter and Instagram.

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