Pastel Harajuku Style w/ The Virgin Mary, Gunifuni, Freckleat & Apolia

This cutely-styled Harajuku girl with purple braided hair is Chun. She works at the New York Joe Exchange shop in Shimokitazawa. Chun’s known in the Tokyo street fashion scene for her “cult party kei” style makeup and her unique pastel fashion.

She is wearing a pink resale dress, which she bought at the Tokyo resale shop The Virgin Mary, with a shawl on the shoulders. Her bag is from Gunifuni and her furry, bow shoes are Freckleat. Her eyemask is from Apolia, and she’s also wearing heart earrings, strawberry hair ties, beads necklaces, bow rings, glitter nail art, Hello Kitty headphones, a bunny bag and gingham socks.

Chun enjoys shopping at Meno, Gunifuni and New York Joe Exchange in Shimokitazawa. You can find out more about her style and interests from her personal Twitter.

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