Pastel Twin Tails, Nile Perch & Kinji vs Christian Dior & Dr. Martens in Harajuku

We met these two stylish 19-year-old students – Ponkoto and Kicchan – on the street in Harajuku.

On the right is Ponkoto. He’s wearing an all black outfit with a Christian Dior coat over a black shirt and resale pants. His shoes are Dr. Martens, his wire ring is handmade, and he’s also wearing round sunglasses, a floppy hat, a triangles necklace, envelope clutch and earring. Ponkoto told us he’s a big resale shopper, and that he likes listening to Cheeky Parade, Momoiro CloverZ and Dempagumi.Inc.

The girl is Kicchan. She has twin tails tied with ribbons and lilac hair. Her strawberry print dress is from Kinji, worn over a white blouse. Her castle tote bag is Nile Perch and her heeled loafers are WEGO. She is also wearing a choker necklace and heart shaped earrings. Kicchan told us she likes to shop at Kinji and Nile Perch, that she’s a Dempagumi.Inc fan, and that she’s active on Twitter.

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