Pastel Vintage Harajuku Style w/ Meno, Too Much, Freckleat & One Spo

This pastel-wearing girl is Tyatyamal. She is 22 and she works at Too Much in Laforet Harajuku. She has strawberry blond hair in braids and is wearing a headband.

Tyatyamal’s sheer pastel dress and dress jacket are from the Tokyo vintage shop Meno. Her platform sandals, tied with ribbons and worn with fishnet tights, are from One Spo. She’s also wearing rings and heart-shaped earrings from Too Much, a Vargas headband, and carrying a lace bag from Freckleat.

Tyatyamal told us that she likes shopping at Meno and Too Much, and that her favorite band is Flyleaf. You can find her on Twitter for more information.

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