Patchwork Skirt & Undercover Sandals

We photographed this 20-year-old student named Akira in Shinjuku. He’s wearing a black print t-shirt from a resale store and black pants from Comme des Garcons. Over the pants he’s wearing a cool patchwork skirt that he made himself (wearing a skirt over long pants is not an unusual look for guys in Tokyo).

Akira’s leather sandals and white backpack are from Undercover. His jewelry consists of a studded wristband from Number (N)ine x J-Brand and a cloth wristband that he made himself.

We asked Akira about his favorite brands and he said Comme des Garcons and Undercover.
Patchwork skirt over Comme des Garcons pants

Black hat & resale t-shirt

White Undercover backpack

Number 9 studded wristband

Undercover leather sandals

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  1. Melancholy Marshmallow

    Skirts for males = better than pants.

    Pants under skirt = horrible.

    Ditch the pants, keep the skirts.

  2. I love his tshirt! It’s so cute :)
    And I like the fact that he made the skirt himself =3

  3. I agree with the guys in skirts = good guys ^^
    ummm there’s definitely something good in his looks [not only this cool skirt XD] but it’s hard to pull it out – too chaotic… few changes and he’ll get 100 points XD

  4. I actually like the skirt + pants look a lot in boys…

    I think it’d be cool if he wore one more piece in orange, but it’s great as it is :D

  5. Like most of you guys I think bouys in skirts are amazing : ). I think he looks great. I love his t-shirt, though I don’t like these shoes much.

  6. every item is cool and special!! I love boys in details and colours!!!